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About Widney - leading suppliers of holiday home heating appliances

Since 1983, Widney has been the leading supplier of holiday home heating appliances to the European leisure industry; with a wide range of gas and electrics fires available to suit every requirement.

In 1994, Widney was acquired by the Carver Group. The investment in the Bromsgrove site enabled continuous improvement of existing products and development of new, adaptive products.

In 1998, a range of focal point electric fires were introduced to complement existing gas fire products; along with the development of accompanying bespoke fire surrounds.

Widney continued to draw on its experience within the leisure industry in 2005, introducing a range of plinth heaters. The plinth heaters were designed to be unobtrusive but still effective in its ability to heat the desired areas.

With a noticeable demand across Europe for a modern, room sealed water heating appliance, Widney launched the Slimtronic water heater in 2010. Developed with the leisure market firmly in mind, Slimtronic includes technology to enable the product to provide hot water at very low water pressure.

More recently, Widney’s focus has been upon the development of increasingly energy efficient products across all product ranges.

Widney’s latest products demonstrate Widney’s commitment and determination to remain environmentally-conscious; and, with the expertise available from within the Carver Group, Widney will continue to develop efficient holiday home heating solutions.

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